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Clinical Center News is published by the Office of Communications and Media Relations. The newsletter highlights the medical research taking place in the hospital, patient stories, staff's dedication, current events and academic lectures in Building 10. CC News provides engaging content and dynamic photographs to enable employees, patients, visitors and other guests to stay up to date on activities and scientific advances happening in the NIH Clinical Center.

The newsletter began in June 1971 as the Clinical Center Closeup. In December 1987, the publication transitioned to the current title, Clinical Center News.

While in Building 10, you can pick up a print copy of the newsletter at five kiosks throughout the hospital. Locate the kiosks by downloading the free hospital way finding app, NIHCC Take Me There, and navigate to the South lobby, Masur Auditorium, Cafeteria Floor B1, Staff Cafeteria or Main Lobby. In the Clinical Center atrium, visitors can read recent CC News headlines by viewing the ticker at the bottom of the mounted TV.

News, article ideas, calendar events, letters and photographs are welcome. Submissions may be edited. Please email interim CC News editor, Donovan Kuehn with submissions.

For more information about the Clinical Center's medical breakthroughs, patient experiences and services, educational and collaborative opportunities and clinical research initiatives which improve patient care and benefit human health, stay connected with the Office of Communications and Media Relations through our social media and website.

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Stay up to date on what's happening at the Clinical Center with our newsletter.

News, article ideas, calendar events, letters and photographs are welcome. Submissions may be edited.

Email or call 301-827-4085.

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