Clinical Center News
March 2017

New, upgraded FollowMyHealth patient portal now available

To improve patient engagement and satisfaction, the new FollowMyHealth® patient portal was introduced Jan. 10. The new patient portal offers Clinical Center patients access to maintenance of personal health records, secure health messaging, educational materials and accessibility through mobile application.

NIH staff may now communicate with patients using the Secure Health Messaging (SHM) application within CRIS or the SHM website and patients will receive messages through the FollowMyHealth® portal.

The ability to view and schedule appointments will be added in future upgrades. Patients can only sign up for the FollowMyHealth® portal by email invitation. Invitations have already been emailed to NIH Clinical Center patients who had an account in the original patient portal inviting them to create FollowMyHealth® accounts. Invitations are also emailed on a daily basis to patients who have appointments and/or admissions at the NIH Clinical Center.

Patients may request an email invitation by contacting the Health Information Management
Department’s Patient Portal Support Team (1-855-644-6445) or visiting the portal website. Through the upgraded patient portal, patients will continue to have access to selected documents and results from their electronic medical records.

The original patient portal was retired Feb. 10. For additional information, please contact the Patient Portal Support Team at 1-855-644-6445.

patient portal FollowMyHealth - Access your medical information online!
The new patient portal FollowMyHealth® is intended to improve patient engagement and satisfaction.
Dr. Francis Collins and Dr. James K. Gilman
Lliasmin Canseco (left) with one of her care providers, Celina Montemayor
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Dr. Zena Quezado is the NIH Clinical Center's first chief of Pediatric Anesthesia and Critical Care
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patient portal FollowMyHealth - Access your medical information online!
Dr. John I. Gallin speaking to staff at the 2016 Clinical Center Directo's Annual Address Awards Ceremony on Dec. 16.
Dr. James K. Gilman presenting a certificate of appreciation to Dr. Charles L. Sawyers
Representatives from Clinical Center departments and NIH Institutes in the Medical Board Room
Donna Gregory, Recreational Therapy Chief, poses with football players from the University of Maryland at the Clinical Center North entrance during their visit to the NIH Clinical Center Feb. 27 to inspire patients
Front view of the Clinical Center
A presentation to the clinical research training group
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Aerial photo of the NIH Clinical Center
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Dr. John I. Gallin and fifth graders from Bethesda's Carderock Springs Elementary School