Lymphoma, large-cell

Active Research Protocols

  1. 03-C-0304 – Pilot Trial of Alemtuzumab and Dose-Adjusted Epoch in Chemotherapy Naive Aggressive T and NK-Cell Lymphomas
  2. 05-C-0031 – A Randomized Trial of Patient-Specific Vaccination with Conjugated Follicular Lymphoma-Derived Idiotype with Local GM-CSF in First Complete Remission
  3. 09-C-0065 – Phase 1 Trial of Siplizumab and Dose-Adjusted EPOCH-Rituximab (DA-EPOCH-R) in T and NK-Cell Lymphomas
  4. 09-C-0082 – Assessment of the Safety and Feasibility of Administering T cells Expressing an anti-CD19 Chimeric Antigen Receptor to Patients with B-cell Lymphoma or Leukemia
  5. 12-C-0112 – Phase I Study of T Cells Expressing an Anti-CD19 Chimeric Receptor in Children and Young Adults with B Cell Malignancies
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