Active Research Protocols

  1. 01-C-0070 – Evaluation of the Natural History of Patients with Tumors of the Central Nervous System
  2. 03-N-0164 – Evaluation and Treatment of Neurosurgical Disorders
  3. 04-C-0200 – Urinary and Serum VEGF and MMP Levels in Patients Receiving Radiation Therapy for Glioblastoma Multiforme: Prospective Determination of a Predictive Value for Recurrence
  4. 06-C-0112 – A Phase II Clinical Trial of the Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor Valproic Acid in Combination with Temodar and Radiation Therapy in Patients with High Grade Gliomas: Multi-Institutional Trial
  5. 06-N-0085 – Two-Compartment Model of Diffusion Tensor Magnetic Resonance Imaging (DT-MRI) for the Diagnosis of Glioma Tumor Recurrence versus Radiation Necrosis
  6. 08-C-0015 – A Phase II Trial of Enzastaurin (LY317615) in Combination with Bevacizumab in Adults with Recurrent Malignant Gliomas
  7. 08-C-0101 – A Phase 2 Trial of Tandutinib in Combination with Bevacizumab for Patients with Recurrent High-Grade Gliomas
  8. 08-C-0168 – A Phase II Trial of Sunitinib in the Treatment of Recurrent Malignant Gliomas
  9. 09-C-0080 – A Phase 2, Open-label, Proof-of-Concept Study to Assess the Ability to Detect Tumours and Angiogenesis via the Expression of Alpha v Beta 3 Integrin Receptors by (18F)AH-111585 PET Imaging
  10. 09-C-0222 – A Randomized Phase II Trial of Vandetanib (ZD6474) in Combination with Carboplatin versus Carboplatin Alone Followed by Vandetanib Alone in Adults with Recurrent High-Grade Gliomas
  11. 11-C-0036 – A Pilot Study of Inpatient Hospice with Procurement of Brain Tumor Tissue on Expiration for Research Purposes
  12. 11-C-0122 – Phase I Trial of AZD8055, An Oral MTOR Kinase Inhibitor, for Adults with Recurrent Gliomas
  13. 11-C-0192 – A Phase I Trial of Peptide-Based Glioma Vaccine IMA950 in Patients with Glioblastoma (GBM)
  14. 11-C-0266 – A Phase I/II Study of the Safety and Feasibility of Administering T Cells Expressing Anti-EGFRvIII Chimeric Antigen Receptor to Patients with Malignant Gliomas Expressing EGFRvIII
  15. 11-N-0204 – Prospective, Randomized Controlled Trial of Surgical Resection Prior to Bevacizumab Therapy for Recurrent Glioblastoma Multiforme
  16. 12-C-0004 – A Randomized Phase I/II Study of ABT-888 in Combination with Temozolomide in Recurrent (Temozolomide Resistant) Glioblastoma
  17. 12-C-0005 – Phase I Trial of AZD7451, A Topomysin-Receptor Kinase (TRK) Inhibitor, For Adults with Recurrent Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM)
  18. 13-C-0048 – A Phase 2 Study of TRC105 in Patients with Recurrent Glioblastoma (GBM)
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