Bipolar disorder

Active Research Protocols

  1. 00-M-0198 – The Phenomenology and Neurophysiology of Affective Dysregulation in Children and Adolescents with Bipolar Disorder
  2. 02-M-0021 – Characterization and Pathophysiology of Severe Mood and Behavioral Dysregulation in Children and Youth
  3. 03-M-0092 – An Investigation of the Antidepressant Efficacy of an Antiglutamatergic Agent in Bipolar Depression
  4. 03-M-0108 – Cholinergic Modulation of Cognition and Emotion in Mood Disorders: Functional Neuroimaging Studies
  5. 04-M-0222 – Investigation of the Rapid (Next Day) Antidepressant Effects of an NMDA Antagonist
  6. 05-C-0150 – A Study of Central Nervous System Disease in Pediatric HIV in the HAART Era
  7. 07-M-0021 – Development of Functional and Structural Magnetic Resonance Imaging Techniques for the Study of Mood and Anxiety Disorders
  8. 08-CC-0032 – Parental Permission and Adolescent Assent and Decision Making in Clinical Research
  9. 80-M-0083 – Bipolar Genetics: A Collaborative Study
  10. 90-M-0142 – Brain Procurement for the Neuropathology Section, CBDB
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