Clinical Center News
Summer 2018

U.S. Public Health Service nurses at the NIH Clinical Center receive high honors

Leslie Wehrlen holds a plaque
CDR Leslie Wehrlen, a Senior Nurse Consultant with the Clinical Center's Nursing Department.
Neil Barranta holds a plaque
LT Neil Barranta, the Clinical Center Nursing Department's Clinical Manager of 3 SWS-Intensive Care Unit.

Two Clinical Center U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS) nurses recently received high honors from the USPHS Nurse Professional Advisory Committee.

LT Neil Barranta, the Clinical Center Nursing Department's Clinical Manager of 3 SWS-Intensive Care Unit, was given The 2018 Nurse Responder of the Year Award. The award was given to him for his leadership contributions during the unprecedented back to back deployment in Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and for his outstanding commitment in supporting the mission of the NIH in emergency preparedness and management of future Ebola treatment. In addition, he also co-authored articles that were published in Commissioned Officers Association Frontline magazine and Junior Officer Chronicle magazine regarding the recent disaster response from Hurricane Harvey, Irma and Maria. 

CDR Leslie Wehrlen, a Senior Nurse Consultant with the Clinical Center's Nursing Department, earned the RADM O. Marie Henry Publication Award for Clinical Nursing Practice as first author of the publication Systematic collection of patient reported outcome research data: A checklist for clinical research professionals, which was published in Contemporary Clinical Trials. The award recognizes publications that describe trends in clinical nursing practice and clinical nursing research.

In 2016, both Wehrlen and Barranta were also recipients of USPHS Nurse Professional Advisory Committee Minnegerode Awards for Nursing Excellence.

The U.S. Public Health Service Nurse Professional Advisory Committee awards recognize contributions by Commissioned Corps, Civil Service and Tribal Direct hire nurses of outstanding and sustained nature, which have greatly impacted the mission of the USPHS. The awards were presented at the USPHS Scientific and Training Symposium in June 2018.

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Josh and Lisa Danielpour
A redesigned common area in the NIH Clinical Center Edmond J. Safra Family Lodge
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A young boy voting on gingerbread houses
Retired Navy Capt. Pius A. Aiyelawo speaking at the NIH Veterans Day Celebration Nov. 7
Pediatric patients are given candy by departments at the Clinical Center
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Karen Baker, Dr. Colleen Hadigan and Victoria Anderson stand in a hallway.
Dr. Daniel Kastner examining a patient at the NIH Clinical Center
A nurse provides Dr. Anthony Fauci a flu shot
Food allergy
NIH staff gather at a relay race at the NIH Clinical Center
Dr. Gilman speaks at a podium
Four people listen to a dietician speak about the Nutrition Department while a employee preps food
Prediction and probability maps from prostate cancer researchers
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National Symphony Orchestra performance
Two men up close to the MRI magnet, outside
Dr. Christopher Pleyer, Dr. Kelly Stone and Dr. Robert Lembo stand in front of a screen that says Distinguished Clinical Teacher Award Winner. Stone holds a plaque
Artwork decorates stairwells
Dr. William Ward speaks at a podium and a screen behind him is a poster that says Immunohematology & Blood Transfusion, 27th Annual Symposium
Four students and a teacher hold an oversized check to benefits patients at the NIH Clinical Center
Senior leaders at NIH cut a ribbon opening two hospice suites at the Clinical Center
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Patient Photography Studio
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Patient with Degos disease addresses symposium attendees
CDC and NIH representatives stand in a special isolation patient room at the NIH Clinical Center
Eight young men and women line up holding graduation certificates in Lipsett Auditorium
A four panel exhibit with photos, text and artifacts on NIH medical pioneers Christian Anfinsen and Michael Potter
NIH Clinical Center volunteer Chaoyang Wang
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Doctors at NIH speak in a lecture hall during Nurses Week
NIH Clinical Center doctor receives award
Children participate in Take Your Child to Work Day Hematology Lab
Leslie Wehrlen holds a plaque.
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Pius Aiyelawo swearing into the Senior Executive Service with Dr. Lawrence Tabak
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Dr. Thomas Burklow
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